Pete O’Neill: Perfect

Pete O’Neill sent us a new video, and it has quite a story behind it.

“This year I knew I wanted to get a song out for Valentine’s Day, and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ was one of the most requested by my students. Many of my viewers have been asking about some of the techniques I use, so if anyone is interested in the transcription, they can find a link [on my website].”

“A sad coincidence is that in December I ordered Jim Stinnet’s ‘Two-Handed Tapping’ with Charles Berthoud, and this arrangement was actually my first attempt at using some of the techniques. I couldn’t believe that just as I was discovering his work, he passed away. It was a huge loss for our community, and if anyone is interested in taking their education to the next level, I whole-heartedly recommend his books.”

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  1. Lenny Mo

    Very nice playing and a very cool bass.

  2. John Bradford

    Now that, was really great sounding

  3. Thanks so much guys, there’s also a sample page for this song on my website, you can also find a link there for the full transcription too. Thanks for all the support! No Treble is the best!