Juliaplaysgroove: My Bad (Teddy Swims)

No Treble reader favorite Juliaplaysgroove took the Teddy Swims tune “My Bad” and made it her own.

Julia throws down the tastiest lines on this one, and as always, she’s having fun doing it. What a talent.

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  1. Vinny

    I love her tone and technique. She’s awesome.

  2. Someone get this girl a stage, stat!

  3. Scott Isaacson

    Very nice, she is great

  4. Richard McCain

    She holds her lines and melody well, but I want to see her stuff in there as well not just the cover She is very clean and precise but I want her to get off the chain and get the funk on it. She has to dump some of that cover at times. When I was young I played the same way that she does now but not anymore. I play the song and me. I think she is great and I hope to see her backing the big time.

  5. MikeyM.

    That was so much fun man… Julia is a very talented musician. Absolutely love her tone, groove, and licks! That little repeated fill she does right around the 1:57 mark is just awesome! As always, after watching one of her videos, I’m gonna be humming her bass grooves for while now. Good Stuff Ms. Julia – thanks!

  6. MARK B