Live From Emmet’s Place Vol. 63: Christian McBride

Today’s featured video is a long one, but it is worth checking out. Episode #63 of Emmet Cohen’s “Live From Emmet’s Place” features special guest Christian McBride and a ton of fantastic music (list below).

The opening tune includes Russell Hall on bass, who was mentored by McBride.

Song list:

  • 0:00: Venus De Milo (Gerry Mulligan)
  • 5:26: Introduction of the Band
  • 08:11: F.S.R. – For Sonny Rollins (Ray Brown)
  • 16:26: Young & Foolish (Albert Hague; lyr. A. Horwitt)
  • 26:38: Polka Dots and Moonbeams (J. Van Heusen; lyr. Johnny Burke)
  • 37:46: Birks’ Works (Dizzy Gillespie)
  • 46:19: Rhythm-A-Ning (Thelonius Monk)
  • 53:54: Bemsha Swing (Thelonius Monk)
  • 1:05:49: Serenity (Joe Henderson)
  • 1:17:53: Bolivia (Cedar Walton)
  • 1:28:34: Body & Soul (J. Green; lyr. E. Heyman, R. Sour, F. Eyton)
  • 1:42:57: Impressions (John Coltrane)
  • 1:55:11: The Theme (Miles Davis)

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