Bass of the Week: 96 Art Custom Instruments Neckthrough Bass Guitar

96 Art Custom Instruments Neck-Through Bass

Nathan Enders shared the latest creation from 96 Art Custom Instruments, which is a neck-through design four-string with a killer Buckeye burl top complete with matching pickup covers and knobs.

“The coloring in the burl on this bass is spectacular, a perfect example of what buckeye burl can produce – it looks like an explosion of tans, browns, and steel blue colors,” the company shares. “The neck is a laminate of curly maple and walnut accent stripes and has been shaped to a medium-slim C profile. The heel of the neck has been carved with a generous relief, which combined with the open shape of the body horns gives excellent access to the upper frets. There is a curly maple tone block on the back of the neck where it passes through the body, along with a walnut accent stripe to match the stripes in the neck, giving the back of the body a nice clean look. The electronics cavity features a walnut cover as well as magnetic latches in lieu of screws.”

The fingerboard is ziricote, which they explain is a great substitute for ebony. Its 24 frets are inlaid with blue abalone markers on the front and side.

The pickups and electronics are made in-house. The Blackjack Soapbar pickups are described as having a modern, dark tone with a balance of top-end sparkle and warmth. A three-way mini-switch lets you toggle between the pickups. The bass’s preamp includes a three-band EQ and volume control.

“For hardware, this bass features a shop-made brass and steel bridge. The massive brass bar and saddles on the bridge give a solid tone with tons of sustain,” 96 Art adds. “The bridge is fully adjustable for intonation and saddle height. The bridge has a brushed surface and a wax finish. The nut is brass and matches the finish on the bridge. The tuners are Hipshot USA Ultralite’s with 3/8″ string posts, in a satin finish to match the brushed steel on the bridge. The strap buttons are nickel.”

96 Art Custom Instruments Neck-Through Bass Guitar:

Body:Black Walnut
Tone Block:Curly Maple
Top:Buckeye Burl
Neck:Curly Maple and Black Walnut
Inlays:Blue Abalone
Pickups:96 Art BlackJack Soapbars
Electronics:3-band EQ
Bridge:96 Art
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralite

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  1. Robert Dean Sarsfield

    better bridge would have been nice ….

    • kurt

      Let’s see pics of one of your custom builds…

    • kurt

      Hey Richard, show us a pic of one of your handmade bridges.

    • Robert Dean Sarsfield

      I don’t have the tool’s or space to make my own, was just saying a high mass bridge would be nice is all , beauty bass bro ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Hey Robert – I chose to make the brass and steel bridge for this one because I thought the colors matched the burl nicely. It’s a pretty heavy bridge, about the same as most “high mass” bridges on the market. I like the way it looks but of course I understand that shop-made bridges aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea! I do use commercial bridges on my instruments too (usually Hipshot since their factory is close by). And of course this bridge could easily be swapped if someone wasn’t a fan of it.