Bass of the Week: AST Basses & Guitars The Dawn Bass

AST Basses & Guitars celebrated their 100th instrument by creating a masterpiece called The Dawn Bass. The six-string bass sports a quilted maple top that’s inlaid with padauk and ebony to create a Japanese theme.

The body’s core is American walnut that’s backed with swamp ash with more Japanese script. AST shows off more of their craftsmanship in the neck with a three-piece maple and wenge. The word “dawn” is written in Japanese across the instrument’s Birdseye Maple fingerboard.

Other features include Hipshot hardware, Nordstrand NJ5 pickups, and an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp.

AST Basses & Guitars The Dawn Bass Specs:

Body:American Walnut
Top:Quilted Maple with Padauk and Ebony Inlays
Back:Swamp Ash
Neck:3-piece Maple and Wenge
Fingerboard:Birdseye Maple 5A
Pickups:Nordstrand NJ5
Preamp:Aguilar OBP-3

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  1. Trey

    I can tell by looking at it that I’m not good enough to play it.