Julia Hofer: Top 5 Kool & The Gang Bass Lines

Julia Hofer has been bringing it with her “Top 5 Bass Lines” series. Here’s the latest, celebrating the bass lines of Kool & The Gang.

She covers “Celebration”, “Get Down On It”, “Jungle Boogie”, “Let The Music Take Your Mind”, and “Good Time”.

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  1. Eric T Peterson aka Petey

    Been a Kool and the Gang fan since 1973. Summer Madness and Jungle Boogie got me started. But some of my favorite Kool & The Gang bass lines came from songs that ‘weren’t’ hits. One was Wild & Peaceful and ‘Too Hot.’ Simple; But grooved!

  2. Robert B Barwick

    NiCE. Simple but very tasteful.

  3. Simmean Hall

    You are so Amazing