Eric Lawson: U Name It

Happy Turkey Day!! Eric Lawson is back with another funky video! This year, we ALL have things to be thankful for. Taking on the “U Name It” challenge a while back, he put his own twist on it. With the help of Gospel Legend Shirley Caesar and his Fender Jazz in hand, Eric lets us know what’s on the menu!

You WILL have Stank Face watching this. Enjoy and Happy Holidays from the No Treble Family!!

Joshua Sailor is a session bassist, producer and engineer on the West Coast. Currently working with Cloud Microphones on the "Get Lifted" Web Series, showcasing how to use Cloudlifters in studio, live and podcasting situations. You can contact him at [email protected].

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  1. Mikey M.

    LOL, absolutely Love It! A Funky Funny Good Time \m/-

  2. Rafael


    Eric Lawson’s sheer exuberance is SO infectious:

    I was smiling so hard watching him enjoy himself that I think my mouth just grew some new laugh lines…

    I’ve got three gigs today; viewed this a couple times…now I’m in the right frame of mind–and if I run outta steam, I’ll just play it again!

    Thanks for posting this, Eric and Joshua!