Steve Vai Recruits Philip Bynoe, Bryan Beller, and Henrik Linder for “Inviolate”

Steve Vai: InviolateSteve Vai has released his 10th solo album, entitled Inviolate. The nine-song collection was created with his latest instrument, The Hydra, which is a three-neck steampunk creation combining a seven-string guitar, a 12-string guitar, a four-string bass, 13 harp strings, and MIDI capabilities. The bass neck is half fretted and half fretless with an on/off switch and a volume control.

“An inviolate inspiration is one that comes to you completely pure,” Vai states. “It appears almost in its completeness, and there’s a recognition of it as being right for you – perfectly right for you. There’s no excuses in it. There’s no fantasy in it. There’s just a recognition of ‘yes.’ And then you capture that in a way that’s authentic to your unique creativity. Hopefully, that’s what I’ve done with this record.”

Vai captured that inspiration with his new axe (and other guitars) along with the help of longtime bassists Philip Bynoe and Bryan Beller as well as Dirty Loops low ender Henrik Linder. Check out Beller’s superb tone and grooves on “Little Pretty”:

Inviolate is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Inviolate Track List:

  1. Teeth Of The Hydra
  2. Zeus In Chains
  3. Little Pretty
  4. Candle Power
  5. Apollo In Color
  6. Avalancha
  7. Greenish Blues
  8. Knappsack
  9. Sandman Cloud Mist

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  1. Greywoulf

    IMO “The Hydra” brings new clarity to the words “wretched excess…” -And I’ve yet to see any videos of anyone actually playing the thing?