Heiko Jung Publishes Bach “Solo Pieces Arranged for Electric Bass” Books

Heiko Jung's "Solo Pieces Arranged for Electric Bass" Books

The music of J.S. Bach has resonated with people for hundreds of years, particularly his cello suites. The pieces have also been a great exercise for bassists to test their dexterity and musicality. Heiko Jung’s new set of eBooks lays out the challenge for electric bassists.

Bach: 20 Solo Pieces Arranged for Solo Bass compiles movements from across the six cello suites arranged for six-string bass, five-string bass, and five-string bass with high C-string. Each book contains the entirety of Suites No. 1 and No. 3 with excerpts from No. 2, No. 4, and No. 5.

The four-string edition is called Bach: 11 Solo Pieces Arranged for Solo Bass, as it omits Suite No. 3 and excerpts of Suite No. 5.

All of the editions are written in standard notation with the addition tablature and fingerings for all to enjoy. They are available now via Jung’s website with prices of $12.99 for the four-string edition and $19.99 for the rest.

You can Jung watch many of the pieces on YouTube. Here is the most recognizable movement of the suites: Suite 1 “Prelude” BWV 1007:

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