FM Guitars Unveils Classic Series Basses

Felix Martin with Classic Basses

FM Guitars has expanded their dual-fretboard line of basses with the Classic models, which put their innovative tapping-centric design into a more traditional format. The Classic Basses come in 8- and 10-string versions, corresponding to two 4- or 5-string fretboards, respectively.

“The FM Basses are a type of bass that is extremely new and with a whole new musical horizon to explore. I wanted to keep developing this concept further and came up with this new line of classic basses,” founder Felix Martin explains. “The wide neck gives you a unique/fuller sound and the Precision / Jazz pickups are perfect to capture this, since they are very natural, highlighting rather than modifying the sound from the bass itself. The body of these basses is more rounded giving it a classic look.”

See and hear an FM Guitars Classic bass in the hands of Martin himself:

As with the first iteration of FM Guitars bass designs, the Classic basses can be ordered with a plethora of options including top woods, colored tuners, multiscale, and more. The stock pickups are designed by Martin, although you can also order EMG, Fishman, or others.

The FM Guitars Classic Basses are available for pre-order with prices starting at $1,850 for the 8-string and $1,950 for the 10-string.

FM Guitars Classic Bass Model Options:

Strings:8 or 10
Body Tops:Quilted maple, flame maple, spalted maple, burl maple and bird's eye maple.
Fretboards:Ebony or jatoba.
Neck:Maple or mahogany
Body:Mahogany, alder, and basswood
Pickups:FM Guitars
Finishes:Gloss or satin.
Colors:Any color is possible.

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  1. Looks very much like Emmett Chapman’s Sticks!

  2. Steve

    Not to yuk someone’s yum, but what use would this have other than tapping? Maybe that is it’s intended purpose. A Chapman Stick aimed at bass players.

  3. Kevin MacDonald

    Looks like it’d be hard playing the first neck.