Fodera Introduces the Mini MB Presentation Bass

Fodera Mini MB Presentation Bass

Fodera has unveiled a new bass that they call a “futuristic new model” with cutting-edge innovations. The Mini MB Presentation is a collaborative effort between Mike Bendy, Vinny Fodera, Joey Lauricella, and the whole Fodera Team.

“It represents a bold step forward in both sound and design. This is the expression of Mike’s inspirations all presented in his new signature model,” the company writes. “The end result of this combined effort is a playable sculpture that’s light, compact, and will turn heads with both its brilliant tone and striking visual style.“

The Mini MB Presentation is crafted with an alder body, three-piece roasted maple neck, and an Indian rosewood fingerboard. The bass has a headless bridge design, but the head has enough room for an opal and Indian rosewood butterfly inlay. Its body comes in a Snowhite Pearl Satin Finish.

Other features include Fodera/Duncan dual coil pickups with Garrison pickup spacing, passive electronics, and a “Unicorn Tears” ramp.

Bendy introduces the bass himself in this demo video:

The Fodera Mini MB Presentation is open to orders with a total price of $18,450.

Fodera Mini MB Presentation Bass Specs:

Neck:3-Piece Roasted Maple
Fingerboard:Indian rosewood
Inlays:MOP Tulips at 12th Fret
Pickups:Fodera/Duncan Dual Coil in Garrison Spacing
Electronics:Passive (volume/volume)
Bridge:16.5mm Spaced Headless Bridge
Other:Opal/Indian Rosewood Butterfly, Tortoiseshell Pickguard, ‘Unicorn Tears’ Ramp
Finish:Snowhite Pearl Satin Finish w/ Matching Headstock

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  1. Kyth Trantham

    $18K? Seriously?

  2. Frank Sol II

    Mini on size, max on price.

  3. David Desmond

    Oh, they had to get tears from unicorns to make this bass. No wonder why it is ridiculously expensive. I am thinking Fodera is getting more and more out of touch with reality. No wonder I rarely see people playing Fodera basses.

  4. Frank Vozak VOZAK

    while 18 k is staggering in price, for those of us who play short scale basses (32,31.5,31,30.5,30 and 28.6) this is a re affirmation that short scale has made it and is here to stay. Kudos to Hofner, Gibson, Kalamzoo, Gretsch, and Epiphone who opened this door. Can’t forget Leo Fender’s last Fender design, the Fender Mustang Bass

  5. Frank Vozak VOZAK

    If I had $18,000 and a big short scale bass collection, I would definitely buy this bass

  6. Zé Roberto

    Não há motivo nenhum para um instrumento novo, sem história, custar mais de 18 mil dólares.. É pura exploração!

  7. Kay Smith

    Not affordable for the average musician.

  8. Ross

    Price is an insult to all musicians.
    What’s the cost? $1000.
    Getting this into Australia after import tax and shipping would end up being $22,000

  9. LostInSauce

    $18,000 for a passive bass??? For $18,000 it should have active electronics with a 6 band EQ, a mobile WIFI hotspot, a 12th fret PEZ dispenser, USB charging port on the neck heel, a nightlight, and maybe a cupholder.

  10. Bob

    That’s not opal, it’s a plastic synthetic opal like material. Calling it opal is like calling a foto-flame finish real wood.