G&L Introduces the CLF Research L-1000 Series 750 Bass

G&L CLF Research L-1000 Series 750 L15-AND-MP

G&L has launched a new L-1000 model with the Series 750 version. The new instrument is a five-string with 19 millimeter (aka .750 inches) string spacing at the bridge.

“L•1000 Series 750 is the ‘Widebody Wunkay’ built with G&L’s ‘Wide 5’ Saddle Lock bridge plate that houses five of the very same saddles used on G&L four-string basses,” the company writes. “That extra space is neatly packed into a curvaceous new body drawing on classic Fender Avenue forms. A new MFD humbucker has been modified for its largest footprint ever, but special care was taken to ensure harmonic fidelity while capturing deep B-string energy. Authentic 1980 cues continue with chunky CLF machined knobs, sweeping control plate, and three-position mini-toggle switch for coil control including the famous L•1000 ‘OMG’ mode.”

The L-1000 Series 750 comes in four variations. First is a natural finish over a swamp ash body with a maple fingerboard, followed by a three-tone sunburst over Western sugar pine with a Caribbean rosewood fingerboard. There are two basswood body versions: one in turquoise with a rosewood fingerboard and on in Andromeda with a maple fingerboard.

The CLF Research L-1000 Series 750 is shipping now for $2,070.

G&L CLF Research L-1000 Series 750 Bass Specs:

Body:Basswood, Western Sugar Pine, or Swamp Ash
Neck:Hard-Rock Maple
Neck Profile:CLF/G&L 1.78

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