Ashdown Introduces the LB-30 2.N Bass Amp Head

Ashdown Engineering LB-30 2.N Bass Amp Head

Ashdown Engineering has rolled out another new bass amp for 2022. The LB-30 2.N head is a 30-watt all-tube head that has traditional speaker outputs as well as on-board IR emulations of six cabinets.

“A bass amp that oozes vintage appeal comes bang up to date with the addition of Torpedo Technology from audio engineering supremos Two notes, providing on-board Impulse Response emulations of 6 classic Ashdown cabinets and microphone set ups: ABM-810H-EVO IV, ABM-410H-EVO IV, ABM-210H-EVO IV, ABM-115-EVO IV, RM-212-EVO II and the CL-310 DH,” a press release explains. “On stage, the mic’d cabinet emulations can be sent direct to the PA, while the cabinet on stage acts as a monitor. And in the studio, the LB-30 2.N can be used without a cabinet, with the speaker emulation output connected directly to the recording console.”

The cabinet emulations are easily selected by a rotary control on the front panel. Further editing, such as parameters like mic placement of the emulation, can be adjusted via MIDI and USB ports on the rear of the unit.

All the traditional elements of Ashdown’s Little Bastard amp series are still in full effect including active and passive inputs, a four-band EQ, effects loop, the illuminated VU meter, and more.

The Ashdown LB-30 2.N will be shipping soon with a street price of $1,799.99.

Ashdown Engineering LB-30 2.N Bass Amp Head Features:

All-Tube Bass Amp Head
Power: 30 Watts
Preamp Tubes: 1 x ECC81 - 1 X ECC82 - 2 x ECC83
Power Tubes: 4 X EL84
Active/Passive Inputs
Gain Trim, Volume, Master Output Controls
4-Band EQ
Effects Loop (Front Panel)
USB Program Port
USB Charging Port
Headphone Output
Two Notes Torpedo Cabinet Emulation

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