EBS Introduces the Magni 502 Bass Combo Amplifier

EBS Magni 502 210 Bass Combo AmplifierEBS has unveiled a new bass combo amp called the Magni 502. The lightweight model uses neodymium speakers and lighter materials to keep the weight down. From the previous Magni line, the weight has dropped 13 pounds.

“The EBS Magni 502 is one of the lightest bass combos in its class (only [33.9 lbs] for the 210-model!). But don’t worry – the sound is nothing but lightweight,” the company states.

The Magni 502 line is kicking off with a 2×10 model that’s rated at 500 dynamic watts (250 watts RMS). Its amp section is taken from the EBS Reidmar 502, including an analog preamp with a four-band EQ plus Bright and Notch filters. EBS also fits it with a compressor/limiter and their Character filter.

A Speakon output allows you to connect an extra cabinet. Other connectivity includes a balanced XLR, a headphones output, a line out, and an effects loop. For international travelers, the amp has a switch for toggling between 120 and 230 volts.

The EBS Magni 502 210 a for $1,399.

EBS Magni 502 210 Bass Combo Amplifier Features:

500W Dynamic Output (250W RMS)
EBS Soft Clip design for preserved
solid bottom at high volume
4-band EQ with Bright and Notch filters
High-efficiency and lightweight Neodymium speakers
Double-ported cabinet (front and back)
Superior power-to-weight ratio
Available in 2x 10″ configuration with a tweeter
Speakon output for extra cabinet (4 to 8 ohm)
Switchable between 120/230V
Balanced XLR output with ground lift
Headphones output
Line Out
Effects loop
Dust cover

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