Carlo Mombelli Releases “Lullaby For Planet Earth”

Carlo Mombelli: Lullaby For Planet EarthSouth African bassist and composer Carlo Mombelli has released a new album called Lullaby For Planet Earth, which evokes beautiful and complex emotions over ten original songs. He is joined by guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel and drummer Jorge Rossy (who also contributes his vibraphone skills) to elicit the pensive sonic atmospheres.

Each composition is thoughtful in its writing and arrangement, with Mombelli changing moods by taking the melody or rendering lush chords from the bass.

“I don’t force notes, I wait for the composition to arrive naturally,” Mombelli has said of his work. “My compositions come from stories and events, feelings and my environment, which is a South African one. They evolve from my need to reach beyond my edge and seek beauty among my angels and demons.”

The bassist also creates feelings from his warm and sometimes subdued tone, which complements Muthspiel’s brighter sound.

Check out the title track:

Lullaby For Planet Earth is available now.

Lullaby For Planet Earth Track List:

  1. It Hurts When I Laugh, It Tickles When I Cry
  2. Gentle
  3. Gina’s Song
  4. Daniel, Dedicated to Daniel Pezzotti
  5. Clouds
  6. Athens
  7. Lullaby For Planet Earth
  8. Letters Of Love
  9. Clouds – Reprise
  10. Compassion – The Hug

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