Jaco Pastorius Quintet: Invitation (1981)

We can always count on Rick Suchow to deliver the goods. In honor of Jaco Pastorius’s birthday today, Rick has made available a clip he recorded of Jaco’s quintet performing “Invitation” at Seventh Avenue South in April 1981. The lineup included Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, Bob Mintzer, and Don Alias.

We’ll let Rick set it up:

“This tune was the quintet’s set opener, and I guess the only way to describe it is that it was like watching five thoroughbred racehorses busting out of the starting gate. Some will find this recording exhilarating, others may find it unlistenable, and everyone else will land somewhere in between. I’m really interested in reading your comments and opinions about this version of “Invitation,” so please feel free to share your thoughts below. This is an audio-only video, with no commentary other than my description here. My apologies for the occasional audience chatter. Happy birthday, Jaco, the music world misses you.”

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