Bass of the Week: Iozzo Guitars Lambda IV

Iozzo Guitars Lambda IV Bass Body

Agustin Iozzo is a guitar and bass builder based in Argentina that makes some amazing looking instruments. This Lambda IV in particular caught my eye on the Iozzo Guitars Instagram page, so I had to find out more.

The bass has a multi-scale neck with a 34-inch E string and a 32-inch G string. Its neck is a combination of maple and guayubira, which is a native Argentinian wood. He also uses it for the fingerboard. The body is another native wood called Paraiso that’s topped with a Birdseye maple veneer.

Iozzo also kept things close to home for the electronics with a set of DS Pickups Jazz Bass Alnico V pickups and a BassAlto 3-band preamp, all made in Argentina.

The bass has some fancy appointments, but its tone is very flexible, Iozzo reports. “This bass has been designed to be a fashion but still classy bass, all around,” he shares. “In fact, the owner plays jazz and metalcore with this.”

Iozzo Guitars Lambda IV Bass Specs:

Top:Birdseye Maple
Neck:Guayubira and Maple
Pickups:DS Pickups Alnico V
Electronics:BassAlto 3-band EQ

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