Marusczyk Introduces “Bass Upfront” Signature Model

Marusczyk Frog Omega 4a "Bass Upfront” Signature Bass Models

Marusczyk and Bass Upfront have teamed up to introduce a Bass Upfront signature model. Based on the company’s Frog Omega, the bass was designed with Bass Upfront founder David Sutkin.

It’s built with a mahogany body and a wenge top with a maple layer between them. Its bolt-on, 3-piece hard rock maple neck is reinforced by graphite rods. The Birdseye maple fingerboard, which serves as a nice contrast to the bass’s dark features, holds 24 frets.

Marusczyk fits the BU model with a pair of Delano SBC4HE/S pickups completed with mini switches for series, parallel, and single coil operation. Further, they employ a Delano 2-band preamp for tonal sculpting. Finally, hardware includes custom chrome/black Hipshot tuners with an Xtender on the E-string and an ETS bridge.

Sutkin is taking orders for the bass in four, five, and six-string versions with an option for multi-scale necks. If you’re unfamiliar with Bass Upfront, be sure to check out our feature with Sutkin, where he shows off his amazing bass collection.

Marusczyk Frog Omega 4a "Bass Upfront” Signature Bass

Marusczyk Frog Omega 4a “Bass Upfront” Signature Bass Model Specs:

Body:Mahogany with maple veneer
Neck:3-piece Hard Rock Maple with Graphite Rods
Fretboard:Birdseye Maple
Pickups:Delano SBC4HE/S pickups with mini switches for series/single coil/parallel
Electronics:Delano 2-band
Tuners:Hipshot with Xtender

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