NICKO Explores Ambient Tones On “CONTEXT I”

NICKO: CONTEXT IAfter releasing a debut album earlier this year, bassist and electronic producer NICKO has returned with a second album called CONTEXT I. While his first record took its cues from video game soundtracks, the new seven-song collection is his first foray into ambient soundscapes.

It began with the second song on the album, “Losing Track of Time,” which he wrote by playing with a repeating melody and different synth sounds. Eventually, he landed on an inspiring mood and put fretless bass on top of it.

“Though I absolutely put my heart and soul into the other music I make, it feels somewhat mechanical due to the nature of its style, whereas this felt more like expressionist painting,” he says. “I enjoyed it so much I frankly felt silly for not attempting an ambient project before. I knew immediately that I wanted to make more, and I dove in head-first”.

NICKO works through emotions using a blend of 70s- and 80s-inspired synth tones as well as multi-tracked fretless and extended-range basses. Check out the track that started it all:

CONTEXT I is available now digitally through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more.

CONTEXT I Track List:

  1. Patience
  2. Losing Track of Time
  3. Dread
  4. Abyss
  5. Bad Omen
  6. The Last Five Minutes
  7. Improv 01: Happy To Be Here

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