Bass of the Week: ESP Exhibition Limited 2023 OM Bass 6

ESP Exhibition Limited 2023 OM Bass 6

ESP’s custom shop in Tokyo, Japan, unleashed a line of one-of-a-kind instruments crafted by their master luthiers. The Exhibition Limited Series 2023 was an opportunity for the world-class builders to express their creativity, and they proved their artistry is top-notch.

“These guitars feature elements like ESP’s most rare and coveted wood stocks, special wood processing, experimental painting techniques, and unique hand-built hardware,” the company shared. “Only one of each model has been created.”

The lineup included one bass: the OM Bass-6. Built with neck-through construction, the six-string bass features an astonishing set of exhibition-grade woods and an intricate inlay that stretches across the fingerboard, body, and pickup covers.

The bass centers around a seven-piece neck made from maple, walnut, and purpleheart. Its body wings are mahogany with a burled maple back, while it has a burled maple top. ESP’s craftsmen mixed a natural finish with an ocean blue finish at the bottom.

The intricate inlays seem to display skeletons drinking and playing music around a bonfire. It crosses from the Macassar ebony fingerboard onto the top piece and across the neck pickups Macassar ebony cover.

For electronics, ESP opted for a pair of Aguilar AG 6SD-D4 pickups with a three-band EQ. Hardware includes a Gotoh Locking Tuners and a KUSABI-6 bridge.

ESP Exhibition Limited 2023 EEX2328 EXL OM Bass 6 Photo Gallery:

ESP Exhibition Limited 2023 EEX2328 EXL OM Bass 6 Specs:

Body:Mahogany with Burled Maple Back
Top:Burled Maple
Neck:7-piece Flamed Maple/Walnut/Purpleheart
Fingerboard:Macassar Ebony
Inlays:CF Skull
Nut:Scalloped Brass
Pickups:Aguilar AG 6SD-D4
Pickup Covers:Macassar Ebony
Control Knobs:Fenowood in brass ring/Macassar ebony
Tuners:Gotoh Locking
Weight:11lbs 2oz
Finish:Natural w/Ocean Blue finish(textured/rippled)

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