Bass of the Week: MG Bass Guitar Duo Oasis Double Neck

MG Bass Guitar Double Neck Full

When you’re looking at basses, there are plenty of aspects to think about. The more adventurous bassist might consider whether to get a fretted or fretless bass. One person came up with a solution by asking, “Why not both?”

This Duo Oasis double neck by MG Bass Guitars sports both a fretted fingerboard and a fretless fingerboard to offer the best of both worlds. We reached out to luthier Mauricio Costa for the scoop.

“This instrument was a custom build,” the builder explains. “It has a PurpleHeart top and Mahogany body. We use Bartolini electronics and connect a 3-way switch that allows you to play on both necks at the same time or not (fantastic for using loops). Despite looking like a ‘big’ instrument, this instrument was designed to weigh less than a popular 6-string… around 9 pounds. This is fantastic because you don’t have to play sitting down to use this incredible instrument.”

MG Bass Guitar Duo Oasis Double Neck Photos:

MG Bass Guitar Duo Oasis Double Neck Specs:

Scale:34″ for both necks
Fingerboard:Ebony for both fretted and fretless boards

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