Thumb Fin Offers a Fresh Take on the Thumb Rest

Thumb Fins

Many products were launched at the NAMM Show, from monster rigs to elegant new bass guitars. However, one new gadget that caught our eye was the Thumb Fin. The thumb rest uses a pair of suction cups to easily be placed and removed on any bass without any alterations.

The ergonomic design was created to optimize thumb positioning and, ultimately, plucking hand positioning.

“By reducing tendon stress with Thumb Fin’s ergonomic design you will be able to more naturally focus on technique while optimizing joint health,” the company writes.

We were able to take one home to try out, and it works just as described. The suction cups provide a stable base for the thumb rest, but are simple to remove and don’t leave a mark. If you want a thumb rest but don’t want to drill into your bass, be sure to give this a try first.

The Thumb Fin comes in five colors. It’s available now through the Thumb Fin website for $20.

Thumb Fin on StingRay

Thumb Fin Features:

Removable Thumb Rest
Ergonomic Shape
Five Colors: Sky Blue, Red, Yellow, Neon, and Black

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  1. MC

    Why not link to their store? They’re not even close to easy to find on Google.

  2. Marty Williams

    Wonderful idea looks promising!

  3. William J Buonomo

    I would like to buy some thumb fins but can’t find anywhere online to buy them.
    Bill Buonomo 585-727-0531

  4. Order from

  5. Geoff Wood

    White would be good ….