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Agile Partners Introduce AmpKit Version 1.4, with Ashdown Amp Model

AmpKit 1.4 Ashdown AmpAmpKit, the popular amp modeling app for iOS, has been updated with Version 1.4. The new incarnation introduces two new pedals and two new amplifiers including modeling of the Ashdown ABM-900 and its matching 8×10 cabinet.

The second in AmpKit’s bass amp series, the Ashdown rig replicates all the features of the real ABM-900. Besides the company’s signature VU meter, it has Ashdown’s sub-harmonic generator built-in. Other features include an integrated 7-band EQ, compressor, and a tube preamp. The 8×10 cabinet is accurately modeled with Ashdown BlueLine speakers.

With the new update, AmpKit includes 38 individually-modeled channels across 22 amps, 26 pedals, 23 cabinets, and 8 mics. The preset library is has also grown to 132 presets.

AmpKit by Agile Partners is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. It is available now from the App Store, for $19.99. The Ashdown ABM-900 and 8×10 amp model can be purchased inside the app for $3.99.