Analog Alien Shipping Alien Bass Station

Analog Alien Alien Bass StationAnalog Alien is now shipping the Alien Bass Station, a pedal that puts three effects into one box. The effects, which include a limiter, an amp generator, and a gamma fuzz, can be used independently or simultaneously for tonal flexibility.

Each section has separate output knobs to adjust that effects signal strength. The limiter has a limit-comp knob for the effect and a sensitivity knob for adjusting to differing input levels such as an active bass.

The amp generator is inspired by the classic Ampeg B-15 amp and has bass, treble, and gain controls to dial in warmth or grit. Finally, the gamma fuzz has in and out controls. Analog Alien says the section produces more fuzz with stronger and lower frequencies, making it apt for bass.

Check out this demo by Music Hub:

The Analog Alien Alien Bass Station is built in the United States. It’s available now with a street price of $399.

Analog Alien Alien Bass Station Details:

Limiter, Preamp, and Fuzz Effects
Separate Footswitches for Each Effect
Made in USA

For more information:
Analog Alien

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  1. I was expecting some envelope sounds. But it has some nice tones in there.

  2. Yeah that pedal is nice and all, but daaaaamn, that bass player is gettin’ in.