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  • Jaco Pastorius: 1979 Solo Performance of “Continuum”

    Jaco Pastorius: 1979 Solo Performance of “Continuum”

    We discovered this rare Jaco Pastorius video thanks to Ingrid Pastorius sharing it with us on Facebook recently. This video was recorded at the Berliner Jazz Stage, live in 1979. Ingrid sets up the video with some pretty cool insider knowledge: “…that day Jaco met Toots for the first time, had a backstage conversation with... »

  • Miles Davis and Marcus Miller: Mr. Pastorius, Live

    Miles Davis and Marcus Miller: Mr. Pastorius, Live

    In the late 80’s, Marcus Miller and Miles Davis performed live on David Sanborn’s TV show. This video includes the conversation between Marcus and Miles before they jumped into a performance of “Mr. Pastorius”, from the album. Good stuff. »

  • Basic Funk Formula, Bootsy-style

    Basic Funk Formula, Bootsy-style

    Bootsy Collins, one of the funkiest bassists ever, shares his formula for a basic funk line. Just keep it on the one, and you can do anything you want with it! »

  • Jeff Schmidt: “Little Sunflower” Solo Bass

    Jeff Schmidt: “Little Sunflower” Solo Bass

    Check out Jeff Schmidt performing Freddie Hubbard’s “Little Sunflower”: For more, check out Jeff’s CD, Outre. »

  • Gustaf Fjelstrom: Live looping bass cello performance

    We can’t get enough of the looper videos around here. This one is particularly interesting, featuring Gustaf Fjelstrom and his bass cello. This performance took place on April 10, 2009 a house concert in Capitola, CA. »

  • Trip Wamsley: Huevos Con Dios

    Check out Trip Wamsley and his extended range bass, in this live performance of “Huevos Con Dios”. The tune is also on Trip’s CD, Curve. »

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  • Todd Johnson Trio: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

    Today’s video features bassist Todd Johnson and his Trio, performing “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” live in November, 2008. Nice! »

  • Wies de BoevĂ©: Czardas on double bass

    Check out bassist Wies de BoevĂ©, then 19 years old, performing “Czardas” in his first concert as a soloist. »

  • Brad Russell & Steve Smith: Spain

    Today’s featured vid showcases the great bass work of Brad Russell, playing Chick Corea’s “Spain” to a recording with drummer Steve Smith. Brad is a freelance bassist who has worked with Clarence Clemmons, Pat Travers, Ric Derringer and Peter Cetera. »

  • Fretted or fretless? Make it a convertible

    Fretted or fretless? Make it a convertible

    Our Facebook friend Kirk Dickison shared a video with us featuring this odd, “convertible” bass that allows fast switching between fretted and fretless modes. So we decided to dig around and find out some more. Mikhail Chtchetinine, inventor of the bass, shares the background for the instrument: “Having discovered the liberation of fretless guitar music,... »