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  • The Bogdon Box Bass, A Cardboard Upright

    The Bogdon Box Bass, A Cardboard Upright

    While hunting down the next great bass video, I stumbled upon this three year old video featuring a cardboard bass, aka the “Bogdon Box Bass”. The bass is marketed as “a reduction of technology and the simplification of needs.” And yes, there’s a company who makes them. You can order a fully-assembled one or a... »

  • Yellowjackets: Man Facing North

    Yellowjackets: Man Facing North

    Here’s a 1993 performance of the Yellowjackets performing “Man Facing North” live in Montreux. Bassist Jimmy Haslip takes a solo before the half-way mark, and does some nice doubling with Bob Mintzer. »

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  • Franck Avitabile with Pino Palladino: Stage Door

    Franck Avitabile with Pino Palladino: Stage Door

    Our friend Kev Cooke sent this in to us, saying “Another Pino vid to feature… simply beautiful composition & perfect sounds, and amazing video quality too.” We couldn’t agree more, so here it is: The line up is Franck Avitabile on piano, Pino Palladino on bass, and Manu Katché on drums. The song, “Stage Door”,... »

  • Mr. Big: Addicted To That Rush Live in Budokan 2009

    As we previously covered, Mr. Big hit the road for a reunion tour this year. The original four members of Mr. Big joined forces again, including bassist Billy Sheehan, vocalist Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert and drummer Pat Torpey. A new DVD, Budokan: Reunion Tour 2009 is now out. Here’s a preview: »

  • NDR Big Band: Blockbuster

    Our friend and bassist Evan Marien shared this video with us, and we had to pay it forward. This performance of “Blockbuster” by the NDR Big Band features James Genus on bass. This has tons of great low end goodness, including some nice bass trombone work. »

  • Simone Vignola: Love Song

    Bassist Simone Vignola started with electric and finger style guitar at the age of seven, before switching to the bass at the age of 12. In this video, Simone uses his varied musical background to perform his original composition, “Love Song”. Simone was the winner of the EuroBassDay Contest in 2008. You can download the... »

  • Ray Riendeau: Liquid live

    Our turn to rave about Ray Riendeau… check out this live performance of “Liquid”, at Mojo’s Music Academy in Longmont, Colorado. Ray is joined by drummer Martin Diamond. Hold on to your hat! »

  • Zander Zon: I Resolute, a harmonics bass solo

    It is about time we share another Zander Zon video. We tend to favor his compositions, and this 2008 recording of “I Resolute” is another great one. As Zander shares, “there is a bit of slapping and tapping here and there, but (technically speaking) the piece mainly aims to make use of the instrument’s awesome... »

  • Nathan East: In The Studio

    No doubt, Nathan East is one of the A-list bassists out there, and has been for some time. So it is fitting that in this video clip, Nathan and several others talk about what it takes to become an A-lister, and the difference between those on the A and B lists. Plus, there’s some pretty... »

  • Dave Holland solo bass: Mr. P.C.

    Today’s video is nothing short of remarkable. Mr. Dave Holland playing “Mr. P.C.” by Mr. John Coltrane. Holy smokes. »