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  • Dave Holland: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

    This video showcases bassist Dave Holland performing a solo of “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat,” a composition by Charles Mingus as an elegy for jazz saxophone great Lester Young. Holland is currently featuring previously unreleased tracks from his album Pass It On on his web site. »

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  • Dani Weber solo bass: Who Cares Anyway?

    I’ve stumbled upon several German bass players recently. One young guy that has caught my attention is Dani Weber. He has a good melodic sense and good technique, as you’ll see in this video of “Who Cares Anyway?” Be sure to check out his Youtube channel and MySpace page. »

  • Bireli Lagrene on Fretless Bass, Jaco-Style

    Bireli Lagrene on Fretless Bass, Jaco-Style

    Bireli Lagrene, known for his guitar playing, can apparently lay down a mean Jaco Pastorius-style groove on bass too. Bireli obviously picked up a few pointers while touring with Jaco in the 80s. Or as Jaco would say “I know where I stole every note!” »

  • Matt Bissonette: live fretless bass solo

    Today’s featured video shows off the skills of bassist Matt Bissonette. In this clip, Matt takes a solo break on his fretless, during the 2002 Joe Satriani Strange Beautiful Music Tour in The Netherlands. You can definitely hear a Jaco influence toward the end of the solo, but with a nice twist. »

  • Victor Wooten: The Lesson

    Here is a video of Victor Wooten performing a solo of “The Lesson” from his album Palmystery, released in April, 2008. “It doesn’t matter how you go about writing songs,” says Victor. “The music is coming from somewhere. If we think it’s our brain, or some strictly intellectual source, I would say we’re mistaken. Sometimes... »

  • Christian McBride: Turnaround solo

    A blast from the recent past, this is a stellar Christian McBride upright bass solo on the Ornette Coleman tune “Turnaround”. Christian is joined by Joshua Redman, Pat Metheny and Brian Blade. »

  • Headhunters: Chameleon, Live

    Headhunters: Chameleon, Live

    Check out this 1998 performance of Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters, performing Chameleon. Bassist Paul Jackson is holding down the low end (and the upper register too!) Also on the date: Benny Maupin on sax, Bill Summers on percussion and Mike Clark on drums. »

  • Ray Riendeau Trio: Donna Lee / Au Privave

    Check out Ray Riendeau and his trio burn it up on Charlie Parker’s Donna Lee and Au Privave! The other members of the trio are Dan Tomlinson on drums and Steve Culp on piano. The performance took place at Arizona State University’s Bass Festival, in March 2009. »

  • Joe Britton performs Jeff Berlin’s Dixie

    One of the most tricky pieces for bass to execute perfectly is Jeff Berlin‘s incredibly intricate version of Dixie. This great execution by Joe Britton is by far the one that comes the closest. Check out Joe’s Youtube channel. »

  • Donovan Stokes: Purple Haze

    Donovan Stokes: Purple Haze

    I’m extremely pleased to announce Dr. Donovan Stokes is joining the No Treble team with a monthly column and on an advisory level. Donovan is a bass professor at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, Virginia. Be on the look out for Donovan’s column, The Low Down with Dr. D, later this month. In the meantime, check... »