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Bass Videos - Page 365

Alessio Tori: “In France They Kiss on Main Street” Playalong

Alessio Tori: “In France They Kiss on Main Street” Playalong

Alessio Tori, aka ato71, has quite a few bass playalong videos on his channel, and they’re all killer. Here’s Alessio taking on one of the biggies… Jaco’s killer line from Joni Mitchell’s live Shadows & Light performance of “In France They Kiss on Main Street”. Alessio shares, “Maybe I dared too much but this is such a fantastic line… I...

Marco Rodi: Live solo performance

Today’s video showcases the playing of Marco Rodi, a solo bassist from Montreal. The video shows various segments of a 35-minute live performance. You can get more information on Rodi from his web site or friend him on Facebook and Twitter.

Linley Marthe: Solo at New Morning

Here we’ve got a great solo by Linley Marthe, during a performance with The Zawinul Syndicate at New Morning in Paris. You can also catch Marthe playing on Hadrien Feraud’s solo album.

Ric Fierabracci Solo: The Rain Must Fall

In this video, bassist Ric Fierabracci performs a solo in “The Rain Must Fall”, with Yanni in a 1993 performance in Greece. Fierabracci’s extensive musical resume includes having performed, recorded and run the gamut for artists like Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Mitchel Forman, Bill Evans, Brett Garsed, Phil Turcio, Scott Henderson, George Whitty, Tom Coster, Dave...

Paul Ranieri: Saull St.

As always, we are dedicated to bringing you the latest bass news and introducing you to bass players you may or may not know. Paul Ranieri should be put on your watch list. Ranieri was born in New York City. From his bio with the Eric Stuart Band: “Influenced early on by the music from cartoons, science fiction and monster...

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Bill Dickens: Straight Ahead

Bill Dickens: Straight Ahead

Check out Bill Dickens, the “Buddha of Bass”, showing off his chops and his cool Peavey Cirrus bass!

Tetsuo Sakurai: Is This Bass?

Here is a video of bassist Tetsuo Sakurai performing a solo piece that sounds like it just landed from outer-space. His Moog-like effects and high chord progressions give a very ambient alien feel, especially since all of that is coming from his bass! Sakurai has 37 albums from working with Casiopea, Jimsaku and as a solo artist.

Djordje Stijepovic: Atomic Boogie

Since our own Dr. D mentioned slapping the upright in his column, it is only appropriate that we break out some Rock-a-billy videos and introduce you to a killer player at the same time. This is Djordje Stijepovic performing an intense upright slap-bass piece “Atomic Boogie” (wait until get to 1:05). You can check out more on Stijepovic on his...

Mike Gordon: Get Bassed Tour

Phish bassist Mike Gordon will begin a 10-show solo tour, the “Get Bassed Tour,” along the east coast this week to promote his latest solo CD, The Green Sparrow. After the solo tour, he’ll be preparing for the Phish festival in late October at the Coachella site in California. In a recent Boston Herald interview, Gordon was asked about his...

Autographed bass auctioned for Chi Cheng

A 2001 Fender Precision Bass is being auctioned to help raise money for the medical needs of Deftone bassist Chi Cheng. The bass is autographed by Green Day’s Mike Dirnt, Rush’s Geddy Lee and notable session players Reggie Hamilton, Stu Hamm, Victor Bailey, Marcus Miller and others. The bass was also autographed by Cheng before his accident. Fieldy from Korn...