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Bass Videos - Page 368

Maximo Pera Renauld: Bass Players

Maximo Pera Renauld, Argentinian bassist and multi-instrumentalist, has released five CDs under his own name, and judging from what can be found on his YouTube channel, they are probably worth investing in! He only has 11 videos on his channel so be sure to check them all out. This video features his song “Bajeros” (Bass Players) from his 2000-release Eclectico:...

Michael Manring & Tony Kaltenberg: Stargazer Lilly

During the 2007 Yachats Guitar Festival, Michael Manring and Tony Kaltenberg performed together, really creating some magic with “Stargazer Lilly”. You can catch Manring’s use of the e-bow up close in this video, as well as his incredible loop work.

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Funkstar650: Brothers Johnson “Celebration” playalong

George Oerlemans (aka Funkstar650), from Holland, used to have a lot of playalongs on YouTube but took them down after the controversy of MarloweDK’s account being suspended. In February, George had a visit from the great Louis Johnson, became a teacher of “Louis Johnson’s Black Dragon Bass Institute” and received Louis’ personal blessing to do playalongs. This is the result:...

Superbass: Ray Brown, John Clayton, and Christian McBride Play “Blue Monk”

Superbass: Ray Brown, John Clayton, and Christian McBride Play “Blue Monk”

Wow. Check out Ray Brown, John Clayton, and Christian McBride with the WDR Big Band!

Primus covers Metallica: Master of Puppets

Check out Les Claypool and Primus taking Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in a direction only they can:

David Ellefson’s Rock Shop: Best Case Scenarios

David Ellefson’s Rock Shop: Best Case Scenarios

David Ellefson‘s Rock Shop Webisode continues with “Best Case Scenarios”, with a focus on how he travels with his gear. Travel is on David’s mind these days, as he kicks off the tour with his band, Hail!

Larry Graham’s Rock School

Larry Graham’s Rock School

Check out this video from an early ’80s BBC’s “Rockschool” program. Larry Graham breaks down simple (but awesome) bass lines. We love how the guitarist jumps in on cue, followed by Larry doing the same:

Bootsy Collins: live bass solo

All we can say is this: It’s Bootsy! Oh yeah, and try not to look at the guy behind him.

Someday You’ll Find Me: a bass tapping solo by Mike Hill

Mike Hill plays with the Johnny Hiland Band, and he lays down a solid groove. After a 2-hour private lesson with Victor Wooten, he started exploring different concepts of the bass resulting in some solo compositions, like this one: For more Mike Hill check out his Myspace page.

Zander Zon: Epic Love

I spent a lot of time this weekend watching videos by Youtuber Zander Zon, sorry I hadn’t heard of him sooner. It was hard to pick one video to feature, but here goes: “Epic Love” is an original composition by Zander (or is it Mr. Zon?), played on his Zon VB4 bass with D’Addario Piccolo strings. Zander started on cello...

Ray Riendeau: Actual Proof

Hot off the presses, check out bassist Ray Riendeau and drummer Martin Diamond nail Herbie Hancock’s “Actual Proof”. Tight.

Menn Ársins: Live

Our good Twitter friend and bassist Sigurdór sends us this video, featuring his band in a recent live performance. We’re on the lookout for more great videos. Post ’em to our group.