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Bass Videos - Page 414

Breaking Down Willie Weeks’s “Voices Inside” Solo

Breaking Down Willie Weeks’s “Voices Inside” Solo

I’ve been listening to the Donny Hathaway Live album a lot lately, focusing a lot on the last track (“Voices Inside”) and the awesome solo by Willie Weeks. So, I was thrilled to see marlowedk breaking it down in a recent video playalong video: Off to practice!

John McLaughlin & Jonas Hellborg: Pacific Express

John McLaughlin & Jonas Hellborg: Pacific Express

Here’s some great footage of John McLaughlin and Jonas Hellborg (and his double-neck Wal), performing live at Fabric Club in Hamburg in 1987. Things get cooking around the 2 minute mark.

Bruno Masquio: So far…

Today’s featured video showcases Brazilian bassist Bruno Masquio, playing along to a recording of his original composition, “So Far…” Bruno is currently working on his solo CD. Check out more from Bruno on his MySpace page and his band page.

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Xiaohe Shi: solo bass (F Bass)

Today’s video features bassist Xiaohe Shi performing a solo piece on his F Bass. Xiaohe was born in 1980 in Beijing, and is now living in Germany. He started playing bass in 1995. Check out more from Xiaohe on his MySpace page.

Ray Brown Trio: Blue Monk

This one seemed fitting for a relaxing Sunday afternoon… the great Ray Brown and his trio performing “Blue Monk”. Happy Sunday.

Michael Manring: Zon demo at NAMM

We’re still digging up videos from NAMM here and there… Here’s Michael Manring, playing his Signature Bass at the Zon booth during NAMM 2010. Crank up your speakers a little, the audio is a little light.

Alain Caron solo bass: Scrapper

Here’s bass great Alain Caron – and one big acoustic bass guitar – taking a solo during the tune “Scrapper” … or is it “Scrapple for the Apple”?

Gerald Veasley & Wolfgang Puschnig: Long Time No See

Here’s a cool improvisation by Gerald Veasley and Wolfgang Puschnig performing an Ornette Coleman piece, re-composed by Paul Urbanek. Does anyone make playing the bass look easier than Gerald? Wow.

Edmond Gilmore: Havona Play-Along

Edmond Gilmore: Havona Play-Along

Bassist Edmond Gilmore set out to demo his gear with this performance of Jaco Pastorius’s “Havona”, which is cool. But we had a hard time focusing on the rig, since he nailed the tune. Edmond shares, “This is My FBASS VF-5 with my Markbass classic 300 rig. I’m playing Jaco’s Havona to show that you can get that dream sound...

Bass Jam: Tal Wilkenfeld, Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Oteil Burbridge, J.D. Blair

Bass Jam: Tal Wilkenfeld, Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Oteil Burbridge, J.D. Blair

Here’s a great clip from a Victor Wooten / J.D. Blair concert, where the group is joined by Tal Wilkenfeld, Steve Bailey, and Oteil Burbridge. As Vic says, Bailey is playing an original 6-string Carl Thompson bass for the first time.

City Sonic: Geddy Lee at Massey Hall

Here’s a cool video of Rush’s Geddy Lee talking about his hometown Massey Hall back in the day, and want it meant for him to play the place his heroes, like Jack Bruce, played when he was growing up. For more great films like this, check out City Sonic.

Zander Zon: Hallelujah for solo bass

Zander Zon has posted another amazing video, this time, performing his arrangement of “Hallelujah”. He shares, “This is a really beautiful song that lots of piano and guitar players have covered. I really wanted a complete solo bass version to exist, so here it is! Hope you guys like it!” Zander also mentioned his new album is being replicated and...