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MK Introduces Passive Jazz Electric Upright Bass

Electric upright bass company MK has announced a new passive jazz model of their flagship bass. The Jazz-P features piezo transducer pickups and passive electronics, which MK says solves tonal problems of the bass including noise at high levels of amplification.

It’s built with a single piece of horse chestnut for the body and neck with an ebony-stained pear wood fingerboard. The bass also has a walnut toneblock that sits underneath its maple bridge to provide a rounder tone. Removable frame supports replicate the shape of an acoustic double bass to help with support and feel. The Jazz-P is held up by a retractable endpin, but also comes with tripod.

The MK Jazz-P Electric Upright Bass is made in Italy and carries a street price of approximately $1,700.

MK Jazz-P Electric Upright Bass Details:

Body:Horse Chestnut, Removable Frame Supports
Neck:Horse Chestnut
Fingerboard:Pear Wood, Ebony-Stained
Electronics:Passive Piezo

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