Bass 101: Pieces and Parts

Ever wonder what makes up a bass? The Examiner has posted an introductory article on the essential components to a bass guitar and upright bass.

From the article’s introduction:

The bass guitar is one of the most underrated positions in a band. Famous musicians and local heroes both agree that bass is the “glue that holds a song together”, yet bass players are seldom given credit for their important role in a group. A bassist has to have flash or a certain sense of style to really stand out, however most are content with just laying out a solid foundation on which to build tune after tune. To be a good bass player, you must have a good ear and a good sense of timing or else it just won’t work. You are the bridge between the melodic and the rhythmic, without you a band sounds hollow. So embrace your role as you discover the wonderful new dimensions you can take with it.

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