Matt Bissonette: live fretless bass solo

Today’s featured video shows off the skills of bassist Matt Bissonette.

In this clip, Matt takes a solo break on his fretless, during the 2002 Joe Satriani Strange Beautiful Music Tour in The Netherlands.

You can definitely hear a Jaco influence toward the end of the solo, but with a nice twist.

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  1. I remember this guy was on one of the first covers of Bass Player Magazine in the 80s. Glad to see he's still rockin it!

    BTW, can we stop with the Jaco references? Just because you play a fretless doesn't mean that obvious comparison always need be made. Give great players their own space – that's what Jaco would have done.

  2. Jaco used a fretless bass and live loops … What is Matt doing? :)

  3. Jaco used a fretless bass and live loops … What is Matt doing? :)

  4. Kyle

    jaco also never got any better then he was
    i relaly dont understand with bassists “worshipping” a man who was a great bass player but didnt show how to evolve further into the bass spectrum

  5. Andre Follot

    Jaco died, man. How on earth could he possibly “evolve” from that point on?? He developed a style and sound which a multitude of GREAT bassists have elaborated upon before and since he left us.
    It’s all good. I think the “worship” factor exists because, like it or not, so much of today’s electric fretless bass playing wouldn’t exist if Jaco (and Percy Jones) hadn’t originated it.