The Horrors working with The Gorillaz

The Horrors

Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, the creators of The Gorillaz, have asked The Horrors to collaborate on a track for their upcoming album.

Horrors’ bassist Rhys Webb said: “Damon got a copy of our album Primary Colours really early, contacted us out completely out of the blue and told us how much he liked it… It was kind of a strange email saying, ‘Would you guys be able to come down to my studio at some point?’ We had no idea really what it was about but thought that would be great to go down there, have a chat, it would be nice to meet . We went down to the studio and he said, ‘We’re working on the new album and we’ve not collaborated with a guitar band before and you’re album is one of the most exciting things I’ve heard in a long time. Would you be up for working on a track?”

That’s an invite you cannot turn down! After hearing more on the project (and probably recovering from shock) The Horrors agreed to contribute to the record.

Rhys told BBC 6 Music: “He played us a lot of tracks he’d been working and musically and they were just in a really similar place to where we were at the moment ā€“ rhythmically and the instruments that were going through the sound ā€“ so it made perfect sense for us… We had such a good time working with him.”

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