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Allman Brothers’ bassist sits in at high school

Oteil Burbridge

Oteil Burbridge, the longest standing bassist for The Allman Brothers (who have been through a few in the past four decades), made a few lucky students’ day by jamming with them at their high school. Burbridge jammed on two tunes with high school band, a few of the students had the following descriptions for the Miami Herald.

“It’s pretty crazy considering that these guys were famous before I was even born,” said drummer Paul Garcia, 18. “Playing music and jamming with them is fun, it’s exciting.”

Juan Carlos Fleites, also a bassist and high school senior, said it was “a life-changing experience” to play with Burbridge.

A connection between the Allman Brothers’ tour manager and a 12th grade teacher John Lynskey led to the event. Lynskey produces a quarterly magazine devoted to classic rock and blues musicians which featured the Allman Brothers and ultimately led to a friendship with the band’s tour manager, who in turn connected Burbridge with the school.

Burbridge had his own kind words to share: “People always ask what’s it like playing with Gregg [Allman] and Derek Trucks and… this means just as much, if not more, in the grand scheme of things.”

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