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Ampeg announces “Your Ampeg is Showing” photo contest


Ampeg is running an online photo contest in celebration of their 60th anniversary. This is the first year for the contest, offering Ampeg enthusiasts a chance to show off their rig and win one of five Ampeg Micro-VR stacks (Micro-VR Head and SVT-210AV cabinet).

To enter, visit Ampeg’s web site and upload pictures of yourself with your Ampeg gear. The contest runs through the entire month of November, and the winners will be selected randomly from the pool on December 4, 2009.

“Ampeg would be nothing without our dedicated customers,” said Shaunna Thompson, Ampeg’s media and PR manager. “We get photos all the time from bassists who want to show off their rig, so we decided to offer a platform and give away some new gear.”

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