Gear Watch: MXR Bass Envelope Filter

MXR Bass Envelope FilterJim Dunlop has introduced a new Bass Envelope Filter pedal to their Bass Innovations line, the MXR Bass Envelope Filter. This box was designed for the classic analog envelope filter sounds with portability in mind.

The pedal features five controls on the face: Dry, Effect, Decay, Q, and Sensitivity. Dry and Effect control your mix of dry and wet signals, while Decay and Q adjusts the actual filter parameters, and the Sensitivity knob tailors the pedal to your attack.

Housed in a compact Phase 90-size aluminum case, the pedal also features power supply circuitry designed to withstand over-voltage or polarity mishaps, as well as a true bypass to save your tone while in bypass mode.

The MXR Bass Envelope Filter retails for $149.99. For more info and to hear samples of the pedal in use, visit Jim Dunlop’s web site.

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