Gear Watch: Warwick Thumb SC Single Cutaway

Warwick Thumb SC Single Cutaway

Warwick has announced the Thumb SC single cutaway bass. The German made bass, which is their Thumb NT model mixed with a single cutaway design, is tailored towards jazz, funk, and R&B settings.

The Thumb SC features a specially designed passive MEC soap-bar humbucker and active MEC 3-band electronics with 2 toggle switches for coil splitting. The body is US swamp ash with a Bubinga Pommelé top and a Flamed maple neck.

The Thumb SC is available in 5 or 6-string models, with the options fretless or left-handed at no extra charge. The 5-string model will MSRP at $7,500, and the 6-string at $8,000.

Warwick Thumb SC Single Cutaway specs:

  • Neck-through design
  • Available as a 5-string broad neck or as a 6-string version
  • Fretted or fretless and left-handed versions available without additional charge
  • US swamp ash body with Bubinga Pommelé top
  • Flamed maple neck
  • Tiger stripe ebony fingerboard
  • Scale: 34″ Long Scale
  • 26 frets (or fretless)
  • Passive MEC Soap bar humbucker
  • Active MEC 3-band electronics with 2 mini toggle switches for coil splitting
  • Warwick tuner
  • Warwick 2-piece bridge
  • Warwick Security Locks
  • Black hardware
  • Just-A-Nut III
  • Warwick EMP strings, 5-string: .045″ .1352″, 6-string: 025″ .135″
  • Includes Warwick “User Kit” and RockCase Flight Case (exclusively for Germany, Czech Republic , Poland, UK, Austria and Switzerland) or “Premium Line Plus” RockBag for electric bass

Visit Warwick’s web site for more.

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