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Billy Sheehan Shredding

In a show of ridiculous chops, Billy Sheehan melts faces with his shredding in this video.

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Billy Sheehan Shredding: In a show of ridiculous chops, Billy Sheehan melts faces with his shredding in this video.
This comment was originally posted on Twitter


Great solo…for a guitarist. Give this man a guitar. Bass is not to be played this way!


    Apparently bass is meant to be played that way :-)

    I’m not particularly fond of the tone, and yes, admittedly it’s a bit of a wankfest (think of Shorofsky’s comment to Bruno Martelli in Fame), but Billy is way talented and has earned the right to show off a bit. Sheehan as David Lee Roth’s bassman on his album with Yankee Rose FTW!


It’s a great solo period. ‘For a guitarist…’ what do you think a BASS GUITAR is? Bass is meant to be played in every way shape and form the player can come up with. Would you tell Jaco he can’t play the bass like it’s an insturment rather than a tuned drum? Would you tell Victor Wooten to stop playing the way he plays? Just because it’s not the way you play doesn’t mean it’s not *right* there is no right way or wrong way… there’s only music and this is sweet.


I agree with deckerm, even though I do not like this solo. It’s not my thing, but it is the way he wants to use his bass to express himself, and so I respect this for that reason.

Rob Morrison

sounds like bee’s attacking


I mean, if you only talk about shredding, #BillySheehan is really the very top – Billy Sheehan Shredding via @notreble
This comment was originally posted on Twitter


Creativity is the Key!!


Sheehan was my number one idol when I began playing bass, but as I got better I stopped listening to him and this video just reminds me of what a dork I was back then. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him lay down a simple rhythm with soul, he’s always so busy. And his neck must hurt like hell from carrying his bass so high it puts the Beatles to shame. And speaking of personal preference, I for one believe that bass guitar is not a valid solo instrument in any situation. Sure, dicking around is cool now and then, but I’ll never ever pay money to hear someone slap, pop and tap their way through an entire album.


It amazes me how people like to dictate the way one wants to express themselves. If there were strict rules about how the bass should be played, we would not have bass heroes around. This also applies to music as well. Isn’t music the gateway to one’s soul?