Reader Spotlight: Yair Loewenson

Yair LoewensonMeet Yair Loewenson, a bassist from Haifa, Israel and our player in the spotlight for October 12, 2010.


Yair Loewenson was born in Haifa, Israel, and has been playing, composing, and teaching music professionally since his late teens. Jazz has always been his main genre, along with late classical and contemporary compositions. His extensive track record on stage includes various ensembles: duets, trios, big-bands, and everything in between. He performs in concerts and festivals in Israel and Europe and plays double bass, electric bass, and guitar. Most recently, he launched his debut trio album Room 13, which he has solely composed and produced.

Yair has played electric bass since 1990, the first instrument he performed with. These days he teaches the bass to many students.


Haifa, Israel

Day gig:

Full-time musician.

Years experience:

20 years

Bands & Gigs:

I teach a lot, and perform at many gigs. I’ve released my solo CD, Room 13 (on CDBaby).


  • 260 year old Czech Double Bass
  • 180 year old Czech Double Bass
  • Fender Jazz Bass Special
  • Custom Fretless
  • Acoustic Image Amp with Raezer’s Edge Speaker
  • Markbass Amp

Why I play the bass:

I was a lousy guitar player, and I met a pianist who needed a bassist. He told me he’d teach me to play the bass, and after a month, I was playing gigs with him and a drummer.

My influences

Jaco Pastorius, Eddie Gomez, Gary Peacock, Ron Carter, Ray Brown.

More on the web:

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