Heavy Electronics Releases El Oso Bass Distortion

Heavy Electronics El Oso Bass DistortionHeavy Electronics has released a new bass distortion pedal named El Oso, which translates to “the bear.” The pedal is built for heavy tone and simplicity with only three intuitive knobs: Level, Mix, and Gain.

El Oso’s distortion is blended with your dry signal via the Mix knob, which gives 100% dry or 100% distorted when turned either way to the extreme. Heavy Electronics explains that the distortion top-end is rolled off and contoured to reduce the harshness found in most bass distortion pedals.

The pedal includes true bypass switching with a JFET input signal buffer to match impedances.

The Heavy Electronics El Oso is available now with a street price of $149. For more info, visit the Heavy Electronics website.

Heavy Electronics El Oso Bass Distortion Specs:

  • Hand-made in minneapolis, mn by musicians
  • Voiced openly for guitar, bass or any instrument
  • True bypass switching & minimum length leads
  • PCB designed, printed and populated by Heavy Electronics
  • 1 oz. copper 1/16” single point mounted PCB
  • 24mm large size pots
  • Flying leads to all potentiometers and jacks
  • Neutrik or Switchcraft 1/4 inch signal jacks
  • Sealed metal LED housing with flying leads
  • 9V 200MA power
  • Powder-coated die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • Dual quality-control testing (both audio & build)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Upgrades, repairs and mods available for life

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