Dirty Loops: “Rolling In The Deep” (Adele Cover)

Dirty Loops is back, with a new cover and more acrobatic bass from Henrik Linder.

This is the group’s take on Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. The instrumental break is fantastic.

Here’s our proposed tagline for Dirty Loops: Making top 40 listenable.

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  1. I think you can extend that line to making top 40, funk and jazz listenable again!

  2. Incredible work! I don’t exactly understand what was “unlistenable” about the original Rolling In The Deep, I enjoyed it.. but that’s besides the point. Very cool interpretation.

  3. To sing like that and play the keys line too is quite a feat (if it is live). Amazing work from the whole team, great technique all round.

  4. Fantastic track, wonderful musicians.

  5. I LOVE Dirty Loops but this cover is a bit TOO adventurous…I’ll probably be in the minority.

  6. too much technique, too little feeling.

  7. Not so good, sounds to much like Bieber cover to me..

  8. Indeed these cats are da “TROOF!!!”

  9. If only………….

  10. ya no feeling or soul……the most skilled musos never write hits…wonder why?

    • I guess artists are meant for different things, Some are excellent at playing the Instrument and others are excellent at composing with the instrument . .But actually like the original version of rolling in da deep, More `the vibe`

  11. Musicly pretty cool, but not my cup of tea.

  12. Ehh… I love Dirty Loops and all, but they didn’t convey the usual feeling they have. This was great musically, but there was too much technique. What made them great with the other songs was that they gave the music a lot more feel and groove to it, whereas in this song it was pure technique and no groove.

  13. As a musician, this is awesome. I am impressed, surprised and inspired. But as somebody who likes to listen to music, I am also reminded that less is more…

  14. This gives me a headache. While I’m sure it’s technically brilliant, It’s just not my thing at all.

  15. Out-freakin-standing. Such incredible musicianship. How do they remember all that?

  16. Proof that more is not better. What makes Adele brilliant is her vocal ability. Phrasing, timbre, melody, power, panache. All woefully lacking in this exhibition.

  17. They trashed this song. they somehow manage to make every song they cover sound exactly the same.

  18. It’s musical masturbation, look kids it’s not about how many notes you can play but playing the right ones.