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Nathan Navarro Releases Debut Album, “They Came From the Sky”

Nathan Navarro: They Came From the SkyNathan Navarro has released his debut album, featuring 11 original tracks showcasing the bassist’s unique style. They Came from the Sky ranges from raging dubstep to ambient grooves to bouncy solo bass, with guest appearances by vocalist Dylan Patrello and guitarist Annie Shred.

“During the writing process of They Came From the Sky I was inspired by considering the human capacity of love in all it’s profoundness,” Navarro explains. “In the tracks, ‘Millisecond’ and ‘Revived’, I wrote from personal experience and covered the angles between lover and beloved, and then creation and creator. I ventured out for the title track, ‘They Came from The Sky’ and also ‘Chemical’. These two demonstrate feelings between us and extraterrestrial life (hypothetical), and then us with anthropomorphic machines. The other pieces all relate to the sole idea as well, whether through connections of nostalgia, materialism, knowledge, idolatry, etc.”

Navarro’s fans will be familiar with some songs on the album, including “Chemical” and “Follow Me”, as well as wowed by previously unheard tunes. Check out the video for “Millisecond”, which was released simultaneously with the album:

They Came From the Sky is available in digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Preview and download They Came From the Sky:

They Came From the Sky Track List:

  1. Follow Me (featuring Dylan Patrello)
  2. They Came from the Sky
  3. Chemical
  4. Waltham
  5. Millisecond (featuring Dylan Patrello)
  6. We Will Rise (featuring Annie Shred)
  7. Revived (featuring Dylan Patrello)
  8. Gold
  9. Long Walk
  10. Chemical [Mukatu Remix]
  11. Binaural Pathway Expansion