Warwick Introduces RockBass Star Bass

Warwick RockBass Star Bass - Flamed Maple Vintage Sunburst

Warwick has a new RockBass version of their hollow body Star Bass model. As with the rest of the series, the RockBass Star Bass is built in China and checked by a German Warwick employee for quality inspection.

The Star Bass is made with a laminated maple body and a maple neck with Ekanga veneer stripes, while different fingerboards are available for fretted versus fretless: the fretted comes with a Rosewood fretboard and the fretless version has a tigerstripe ebony fingerboard. It’s available in four of five string versions that have 32? and 34? scales, respectively.

The RockBass Star Bass is loaded with passive MEC single-coil pickups and passive electronics with volume and tone controls for each pickup. Finishes include Black High Polish, Cream White High Polish, Gold Metallic and Daphne Blue High Polish.

The RockBass Star Bass will carry an MSRP of $1,499 for the 4-string version and $1,699 for the 5-string version. For more info, check out the Warwick website.

Warwick RockBass Star Bass Photos:

Warwick RockBass Star Bass Details:

  • Set-Neck
  • Curved body shape
  • Available as 4 or 5 string
  • Available as right-handed or left-handed* as well as fretted and fretless* models
  • Warwick machine heads
  • Just-A-Nut III
  • Maple neck with Ekanga veneer stripes
  • Rosewood fingerboard (fretted), Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard (fretless)
  • Scale length: 4 string: 32? (medium scale), 5 string: 34? (long scale)
  • 24 Extra High Jumbo Nickelsilver frets (Width: 2,9mm/Height: 1,3mm)
  • Laminated Maple Body, back, sides and top
  • Passive MEC Single Coil pickups (neck and bridge)
  • Passive electronics
  • Volume (neck) / volume (bridge) / tone (neck) / tone (bridge)
  • 3-way toggle switch for selecting pickups
  • 2-piece Warwick bridge
  • Warwick Security Locks • Chrome hardware
  • Available as Black High Polish, Cream White High Polish, Gold Metallic,
  • Daphne Blue High Polish Finish
  • Warwick Red Strings: 4 string: 045 – 105 (42200 M), 5 string: 045 – 135 (42301 M)
  • Weight: 4,3 kg (4 string), 4,4 kg (5 string)
  • Manufactured in China by RockBass

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  1. Holy crap! The Daphne blue 5ver is my next purchase. Period.

  2. 5 string and 34″ scale? I’m in love.

  3. When I saw that I could get a semi-hollow bass in a 5-string version, I was sold. It definitely doesn’t hurt that it has the “W” on top of the headstock, either. :) And Will, I dig all of the finishes too. I’m leaning toward the Daphne Blue.