Vulfpeck: Adrienne & Adrianne Happen to Bossa Nova

Ever since Vulfpeck released Vollmilch about a month or so ago, the tunes have been in constant rotation in my playlist.

This video (along with the one for “Outro” we featured three weeks ago) are among my most favorite tracks from the album.

Joe Dart, as usual, is head bobbing and laying down some sweet bass on this one, and the whole band is playing great and having a blast.

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  1. Holy crap! Those last bass fills were off the chart!

  2. Joe always has killer tone.

  3. Also.. I feel I should add. If you’re really stoned, this video gets weird.

  4. Great taste, great tone, great feel, great line, great fills… Outstanding bassist!

  5. I absolutely love this group and it’s all cause of No Treble introducing them to me