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Niacin Releases “Krush”

Niacin: KrushAfter a seven year hiatus, Niacin has returned with an all new album. Krush, the sixth album by the trio of Billy Sheehan, Dennis Chambers and John Novello, offering up 14 tracks of the group’s trademark neo-fusion style.

That blend starts with the diverse jazz and rock roots of Niacin’s members, combined with Novello’s Hammond B3.

As we mentioned back in March, the band’s name comes from the common name for the vitamin B3.

Krush is out now, on CD and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Niacin released the first track in March:

Krush Track List:

  1. Krush
  2. Tone Wheels
  3. Stormy Sunday
  4. Low Art
  5. Car Crash Red
  6. Electorcity
  7. Cold Fusion
  8. Majestic Dance
  9. Prelude & Funky Opus
  10. The Gnarly Shuffle
  11. Drifting
  12. Sly Voltage
  13. That’s The One!
  14. Triple Strength