Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman Set to Release 11-Hour Album

Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman: FingerPaintingSteve Lawson isn’t one for sticking to the norm. Besides his ethereal solo work, the six-string bassist likes to experiment with other improvisors to create in-the-moment performances – often without having ever played with them before – and release the result directly to his fans.

His latest collaboration with percussionist Daniel Berkman, entitled FingerPainting, collects nearly every note that the duo have ever played together. The entire project is a 10-show, 11-hour set that will be available on USB stick and download, as well as a two CD set compiling the “best of” songs to bring together two thematic CD-length programs.

Lawson says the duo’s musical understanding is some of the best he’s experienced.

“I’ve played with some amazing improvising musicians in my time,” he explains. “But I don’t think I’ve ever had the level of connection that I have with Daniel. The sense that I can do anything, choose from myriad idiomatic and sonic possibilities, knowing that he’ll take whatever I do and make it better, and different, and inspire me to play new more exciting things – that’s exhilarating.”

Berkman is featured on a host of instruments including electronic percussion, Kora, Gravikord, synths and ukulele. Eight of the ten shows also include San Francisco-based singer Artemis, who helped bring Lawson and Berkman together.

A six-track album of FingerPainting is available now while the corresponding USB Stick and CDs of the entire collection are up for pre-order and will be finished and shipping out in July.

FingerPainting Track List:

  1. Antidote To Everything
  2. Towards The Sun
  3. FingerPainting
  4. The Further Adventures Of Mantis And Stick
  5. Invocation (feat. Artemis)
  6. Reunion (feat. Artemis)

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