Creation Audio Labs Introduces The Funkulator Bass Pedal

Creation Audio Labs Funkulator EQ PedalCreation Audio Labs has introduced the Funkulator Bass Pedal, an EQ tone shaper designed with old school funk in mind.

The pedal is built for simplicity with a single EQ knob that controls a variable upper mid frequency scoop with a gentle hi and low boost. Turning the control up enhances the EQ curve, while the footswitch allows for quickly engaging or disengaging the effect.

Hand built in Nashville, Tennessee, the Creation Audio Labs Funkulator is powered by a 9V DC tip negative power supply. It’s available now for $149. For more info, check out the Creation Audio Labs website.

Creation Audio Labs Funkulator Specs:

  • EQ Tone Shaper
  • Power: 9V DC Tip Negative Power Supply
  • Dimensions: 3.25? wide x 4.75? long x 2.5? tall
  • Hand Built in Nashville, TN

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  1. Tip negative power? Why?

    • Trey, I think they’re referring to the connector in the pedal, which would be center negative, which is standard. I used my One Spot on it last night and no blowing up whatsoever.

  2. You could get an Aguilar preamp for the same price. The Mid Freq control on the preamp does the same thing this pedal does.

  3. I never understood this mid cut thing with increased lows and highs. Lots of amps (including my Ashdown ABM) have them and, to my ears, it just kills the sound making it impossible for the bass to cut through. Typical bedroom bass player idea…

    • Eddie, are you a slap player? If so, you’ll know that the technique definitely needs increased lows and highs in order to actually cut through the mix. If you use the same EQ that you’d use with fingers or a pick, slap just doesn’t cut through. Slap players on stage and in the studio (i.e. not the bedroom) have been doing this for decades; Creative Audio just decided to release a pedal that makes it super simple to dial it in and turn it on/off for those of us that play fingerstyle and slap bass in the same song, or during a set.