Tapestry Audio Introduces Time Traveler Pedal

Tapestry Audio Time Traveler PedalTapestry Audio has introduced the Time Traveler, an auxiliary BPM synchronization pedal that syncs up a pedalboard’s time-based effects. The utility pedal sends out preprogrammed BPM presets to any pedal that has an external tap tempo jack, allowing for all of the external effects’ beats per minute to be unified.

The Time Traveler has two outputs and offers up to ten programmable presets with options for the tempos to be tapped in with a footswitch or dialed in with a knob. It features hand machined and wired construction and is powered by a standard center negative 9VDC power supply.

Tapestry Audio’s Time Traveler is in production now and is available for $199. For more info, check out the Tapestry Audio website.

Tapestry Audio Time Traveler Details:

  • Stores 10 presets via foot-switch
  • Sync delay, tremolo, slicer and any other pedals with external footswitch capability
  • BPM can be set by tap foot-switch or knob
  • Works with standard center negative 9VDC adapter (same as Boss)

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  1. This will find its way into quite a few studios.