App Review: Musicopoulos Music Theory and Practice

There aren’t many music theory apps I’ve enjoyed using for very long. But Musicopoulos changed that for me on a recent flight home, taking various tests and running their Music Theory and Practice through its paces. This app is fun to use and covers a wide enough variety of content.

Musicopoulos screens: all instruments

The thing I enjoyed most about the app is that it caters to a wide variety of instruments. You can select your answers from either a piano keyboard, or a fretboard (choosing from that of bass, guitar, violin, viola or cello). The touch is accurate, and the sounds are decent.

You are given quite a bit of material to work through, including basic to intermediate music theory. They list levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced, but I would consider the “advanced” material to be more in the intermediate range. All theory related materials are presented well and explained well, in plain English, and all of the tests are fun and engaging.

Working through the complete harmonic side of this app will bring you through the evolution of intervals through key signatures, the cycle of 5ths, scales and modes, chord construction and inversions. All in all, this app will provide you with all of the essential building blocks crucial to understanding the path through music theory and a deeper understanding of harmony.

There is also plenty of sight-reading to be done here, and you can study bass, treble, alto, tenor and grand staffs These also include well presented explanations and diagrams.

Note, the app will keep you honest when selecting your notes on your instrument of choice. You must always play the note in the proper range. I have not found this to be true with all such apps, which I consider to be a grievous oversight from other app developers.

I highly recommend this app for those looking to get started, brush up, or begin teaching theory and sight reading.

Musicopoulos’ Music Theory and Practice app is available for $4.99 from the App Store. The app is universal, compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The app requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Musicopoulos Music Theory and Practice Screen Examples:

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